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Sign up one person receive something every month they are with us. 

Our Referral Program & How it Works:

For everyone that sign's up THEY MUST! register with your ID, we will give you $20 for everyone up front(when they sign up. We will also give you $10 for however long they are signed up with NJMMA (residual income).  They must USE! your ID. Failure to do so, we won't be able to pay




The Numbers

Upfront: $20

$10 per every month they stay with us.  

Lets Say You Said something to 

5 people x $10= $50 a month x 12 months= $600 a yr extra/saved money. Plus the $20 Up front x 5=$100 Total of $700 a Year. 

10 people x$10=$100 a month x 12 months= $1200 a yr extra/saved. Plus the $20 Up Front x 10=$100. You get the point. Total $1300 for the year.

Payments: Will be made at the First week of the  month. Via: Zelle, PayPal, Venmo. Your option. In order to receive a residual income the member must be current with all payments and active. We will not pay out if someone quits or is delinquent with payments that month.

Discounts:  All members MUST register at full price. We offer discounts  for more than one member for the monthly rate. For every member after the first gets a $5 residual every month.

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