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Mr. Jones- Mr. J aka "The Menace"

Head Instructor / Owner of New Journey MMA program
New Journey MMA Head Instructor
New Journey MMA
New Journey MMA
New Journey MMA

In 2006, Mr. Jones started his career in Martial Arts at the age of 24, under now Grand Master Mike Gilliam. He also trained when he was young, but his mother let him make the mistake of quitting at age 14. Years later, he was back doing what he loved to do and has not looked back. With kids of his own, he needed martial arts more than ever.  


During this time, Mr. Jones dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his craft, taking every class available - every weekday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, and every Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. This allowed him to earn his black belt in an almost unprecedented 9 months under the strict and intense training of Grand Master Mike Gilliam and his staff. Mr. Jones was driven by his desire to teach, inspire and create a better future for himself and others. He spent another 2 years continuing to train at this pace, with the addition of instructor training; upon earning his 2nd degree black belt, Mr. Jones was given the opportunity to teach classes of his own at the gym - this included fitness classes for kids and adults, MMA, and various forms of self-defense.

Mr. J continued to grow and develop on this path, training as hard as humanly possible, teaching martial arts, raising his kids and working a full time job. After 2 years of absolute dedication, he was ready to step into the cage for his first Mixed Martial Arts fight in 2013, winning by way of rear naked choke in the 2nd round. In his second fight, Mr. Jones was knocked unconscious due to an illegal knee which took place towards the end of the 3rd round, after winning all 3 rounds up to that point; because of this, he was awarded with his second victory. Two months later, Mr. J won his 3rd fight by way of decision, giving him a record of 3-0, and a title shot. Unfortunately, he fell short of his goal after his first loss to the champion, and a painstaking second loss after an immediate rematch; following back to back losses at the age of 33, Mr. Jones had a revelation regarding what mattered most to him. Champions are those among us with the courage to pursue what is meaningful and what is right. This means constantly stepping out of your comfort zone, striving, improving, and taking a shot; taking the Journey life has to offer us. Every day is a new day, therefore every day can be viewed as a New Journey. Martial Arts is a journey through life that helps you get through life. With this newfound wisdom, Mr. J decided to focus on opening his own school, where he’d be free to teach and inspire others.

Instructors of Mr. J:

Grand Master Mike Gilliam (TKD, Krav Maga, Fitness, Kickboxing, Instructor training, Weapons training)

Kru Spyda (Muay Thai, Striking coach)

Coach Hanif (Boxing)

Professor Nelson "Big Panda" (BJJ, First MMA coach)

Professor Dave (BJJ, MMA coach)

Coach Greg (BJJ)

Coach Kevin (Strength, Conditioning, Philosophy, MMA coach) 


  • 2nd degree black belt in TKD

  • Has won hundreds of local and regional tournaments

  • 2010 TKD State Champ

  • Black belt in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

  • Current 4th stripe blue belt in BJJ (Purple Soon)

  • Fought in 5 MMA Cage fights, with a winning record of 3-2

  • Has been teaching self-defense for Over 5 years

  • Has been teaching kids from age 3 and up for over 5 years

  • Has been teaching Fitness/Kickboxing classes for over 4 years

  • Actively training since 2006 in Martial Arts including TKD (13 yrs), Muay Thai (4 yrs), Boxing (4 yrs), BJJ/ground fighting (6 yrs), and Krav Maga/Weapons training (6 yrs)

  • 10 years of integrity, Loyalty to my training, my teachers and my students

  • Amazing instructor for both kids and adults



Why Train with Mr. J?


It's easy: He teaches real techniques that work for fitness, self-defense and sport. They have been tried, tested and proven. Taught by a great Grandmaster, with all the knowledge, training and experience, he lives the lifestyle. We simply ask why not? Mr. Jones truly cares about seeing results, and making kids and adults the best they can be.

Respect - Courtesy - Discipline - FUN. Through understanding these four values your child learns:






Bully prevention/Anti-bullying

Focus and much, much more.

Adults see the health benefits as well as the self defense benefits. It is a proven fact that exercise is necessary for the mind and the body. Working out gives a wonderful feeling of confidence.  Mr. Jones, through his own personal experiences can help you and your children get in the best shape of your lives., live a healthy life style, while having fun doing it.

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