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Covid-19 Information

New Journey MMA has an online platform dedicated to providing amazing service due to Covid-19 Concerns.  We are a small family owned business, so we know all of your concerns and have addressed each and every one of those concerns. Below are a few options.

Online Option

1. We have a Zoom option. There is a package for just zoom classes with a Private Zoom Link.

2. We have a online course called Click Here 👇 :

This course is everything you would get in the classes, with a format to follow and structed time limit to advance each month holding you accountable.  

Over 40 videos of basic instruction, 12 combos with a partner, 12 combos Solo, a work out plan, written and video to follow.


This course is for kids, teens and adults. Beginners are welcome and wanted


In Person Classes


1.Only 10 Kids on the mat at one time. 

2.Masks are required and will be part of the registration. 

3.Must Wash Your Hands as soon as entering the building and then sanitize before getting on the mat, or after touching anything.  

4.Temperatures will be checked before stepping on the mat.

Sitting in for Parents: 

1.Parents Must wear a mask while watching.

2.Must sanitize when entering.

3.Depending on the amount if people in the building at the time of classes parents may be asked to wait outside.

Our Cleaning Procedures:

We clean our school every single day before covid-19 for 2 and a half years (Probably more sanitized than your home) 

Extra Care & Steps:

1.We opened our scheduled to leave a 15 min window so we can do extra cleaning.

2.Wiping down all door handles, and common touch areas.

3.Wiping down all bags, gloves, pads etc...

4.Little mop of the mat using pine-sol disinfect.

With all the new measures in place we are being as safe as we can, while still providing a life saving service for this wonderful community.  Lets train, stay active, build confidence in our children, get out of the house. We are super excited to take you on an amazing Journey. See you soon.


Press Play!  A message from Mr. Jones Set up your introduction lesson. Fill out the form below. Please put a good day and time to meet in the message box.

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