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Brown Belt/Brown Black Stripe Curriculum

Now we get into full Self-Defense.

Take Down Defense 

#1 Sprawl, Spin, Seat Belt, hooks, finish RNC

#2 Sprawl, Front head Lock, Guillotine chock

#3 Hip Pressure, Whizzer over hook, inside cross face, Arm Drag take the back 

Big Punch Defense

#1 Cover Cross, 2 knees, Leg Sweep, Hammer fist.

#2 Cover, Elbow, Guillotine Choke

#3 Out form Block, ricochet Block/Attack

Kick Defense 

#1 Check the Kick, Back Leg Round in Return

#2 Catch The Kick, Cross, Step in Back Leg Sweep

#3 Catch The Kick, Cross, Goose Neck Grab(from the front) Front Leg Sweep

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