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About New Journey MMA

New Journey MMA is a family own business created and inspired by a Mixed Martial Arts Instructor with the purpose of providing a pathway for young people and adults to become the best they can be. We do our part in creating a brighter future; keeping kids and adults safe.

We are a father daughter team along with other really good instructors to add to the team

The message is clear. Everyday is a new day to make our lives better. It's a fight to stay positive, go to work, deal with others, raise our kids, pay our bills; to put it simply: Life itself is a fight to survive. We are all black belts in life. As we live, everyday is a NEW JOURNEY. We MUST Manage, Maintain and Adapt in life and in the world of Martial Arts, making it a great platform for your first step in building a better future.

Let this symbol above represent your journey through life. Your fight to make a better life for yourself, no matter where you are along your journey. We use Martial Arts to better ourselves, and through mental and physical exercise we learn to grow stronger, sharper and faster. Through Martial Arts, we become better people; and to top it all off, we become bad to the bone! (LOL)

Train with one of the best instructors in New Jersey. We know how to create champions in the ring and in life. One thing is for certain: When you decide to train with New Journey MMA, your life will never be the same. 

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