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New Journey MMA is a Mixed Martial Arts system made up of various styles that have been tried, tested and proven, mixing old and new Martial Arts, while maintaining core values and traditions. Our self-defense programs focus on a unique blend of techniques including Kick Boxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Krav Maga, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (the art of ground fighting and submissions). With classes for kids, teens, and adults, New Journey MMA has something for everyone! Train like a fighter without having to fight and learn REAL self-defense, all while building confidence, working on personal development and implementing positive life change.

Meet The Staff!


Head Instructor 

Mr. Eric Jones


Assistant  Instructor

Miss Arliss Jones

Mr. J is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts, with over 15 years of Martial Arts training, self-defense training, instructor training, and life skills training. Unlike most, Mr. J has ACTUALLY competed in countless combat sports competitions, including 5 professional MMA cage fights (with a 3-2 record) along with being Taekwondo state championship 3 years in a row, plus being a certified instructor, making him one of the best and most qualified MMA instructors in New Jersey.
Miss Arilss Jones
is a 1st Degree Black Belt Under The Same instructor as the Head Instructor. She has trained since she was 6yrs old, 
competing, winning, and losing in Taekwondo, & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She won many grapping tournaments. (Ask who the sword on the wall belong too. lol) She makes a great addition to the staff, we wouldn't want to do this without her. She helps in everyway to make this journey special. Plus a great role model for young girls everywhere. 


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